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Everybody likes to think they are unique in some way, even if we are more alike than we care to admit. bob's claim to uniqueness rests on the slim thread of creativity he has at humorous sketching/cartooning, a talent that finds increasingly rare expression as time goes by.

dr bob enterprises has two major ongoing activities:

All of this plus the dr bob sketchbook archive of the collected art work of dr bob is available on the dr bob CD [even more on the dr bob flash drive!], including the new fully searchable 2012 PDF edition of What, Me Cook? Currently at about over 300 recipes on 836 printable pages without the photo section which is best viewed directly on the CD with a web browser or transfered to your device via flash drive memory, now that wireless is all the rage.

Here is a peak at some of the recipe illustrations and the dr bob academic homepage at Villanova University:

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