dr bob cooking school makes house calls

limoncello cheesecake

The first house call of the dr bob cooking school took place in rome. Our first student, Gian Paolo, made the limoncello cheesecake very successfully.

GP with product GP with instructorGP 's product

The second house call took place at dr bob's house, with Claes, same cheesecake, equal success.

claes with product claes's product

fudge brownie cheesecake

The third house call was again at home with student ms ani. She did the fudge brownie cheesecake from Cooking Light 1997. Here is a photo of one bob did afterward, forgetting to spray the nonstick pan with cooking spray so the cake had to be hacked out of the springform pan. Doesn't look too bad though, eh?

fudge brownie cheesecake

gianduia cheesecake

full cheesecake

Cut open view.

cheesecake slice

slice, note crevasse filled with sour cream

proud student creator

Lousntag, proud student with her cheesecake

and niece Herra's half-recipe hazelnut classic which inspired this line of dr bob cheesecakes.

mango yoplait cheesecake

paul in process [original: 541x705] paul with product [original: 592x801]

Paul doing the topping thing. Paul exhibiting the final product



oops [original: 797x519]

Oops... bob should have left the cake in longer. Jiggling center blues...

Even people you might never imagine doing the dr bob cooking school have been convinced

cyrus00.jpg (97887 bytes)

a double shot of chef cyrus's guavaberry-lingonberry cheesecake just out of the oven before topping.

more cooking school...

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