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guavaberry/lingonberry cheesecake

After the limoncello and hazelnut cheesecakes made for him in Italy, Donato is finally made a believer at the dr bob cooking school USA center by the even better guavaberry/lingonberry cheesecake.

This is the 2-for-1 version, where one full recipe is fit into an 8 inch pan and 7 inch pan (they stack when not in use!) to use for two separate audiences without overwhelming either one.

Proud cooking school student, ready to return to Italy with a jar of lingonberry preserves from IKEA and a sample of guavaberry liqueur from the dr bob private stock, hopefully to repeat this success on his own.

blueberry buckwheat pancakes

While there he learns about blueberry buckwheat pancakes.

claes with product

although he does not look very natural in this pose

claes's product

bad egg tiramisu

dr bob gives himself a refresher course in this revised classic. Note the ancient but useful Revereware double boiler and ms_ani's arm assisting in the lesson

Ready for assembly

The first layer down

First batter layer beginning (repeated twice)

dr bob having a bad hair day, tasting the batter (eggs cooked here).

Ready for the fridge, to be chocolatized before serving.

2011 update

Over a decade later, a new generation of Italians revives the dr bob cooking school.

Those smiles make it all worth it.

2012 repeat

The next summer our initial 3 kids were joined by 3 more apprentices who did most of the work under the supervision of dr bob and ms ani. We kicked it up a knotch with the addition of some Venchi dark chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella on steroids!

spreading the spread on the uncooked crust is a trick, since it tends to suck up the crust as you go...bob did this step.

hazelnut on the left, limoncello on the right

Then the floss cut dividing in half 5 times, for 32 wedges this time:

instructor ms_ani

Another young lady learns that popovers are easy, ms_ani does the instruction this time. Beautiful results, but the chefs easily out do the product. How can a pastry compete with those smiles?

lenna with pistachio cheesecake, her first cheesecake

2016 lenna's first cheesecake: pistachio.

The dr bob cooking school visits sister-in-law nora to give her the gift of tiramisu knowledge to satisfy her future needs herself.

The closeup, Thanksgiving 2016. Pistacchio tiramisu. Best ever.

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