dr bob xmas card

The dr bob annual xmas card [xmas = "christmas" in abbreviated American english] officially begin with almost mass distribution in 1978, missing only 1991 due to our wedding thank you note conflict. Starting with a small distribution in the early years and growing, it was not until the late 80's that the distribution list surpassed the 400 mark, thanks to TeX computer label generation and the expansion of the production team to include ms_ani.

This annual junk mailing serves the purpose of maintaining some link to many people around the world who have entered our lives in one way or another.

As the card has evolved, the humorous theme of each annual card often reflects some issue or aspect of the year preceding the holiday season, typically concerning an underlying social, political, or environmental topic and often involving some subtle or not so subtle satirical/ironical humor that is frequently not understood by the diverse target audience throughout the world. Still the sincerely felt message of caring, testified to by the enormous work involved in production and distribution, and transmitted through the whimsical characters [thumbnail gallery!] who spring from the imagination to carry this message, seems to get delivered. Or at the very least a few smiles. One thing this world could use more of.

Theme Table

year concept color paper
1976 mole white
1977 Squawk! white
1978 Mouse/Moose/Killer Bee/Dog blue
1979 Many Santas white
1980 Sneaking Santa white
1981 Snow Mice blue
1982 Escape to Rio pale blue
1983 Strike at North Pole white
1984 Search for Imagination yellow
1985 Corporate Takeover pink
1986 Flight Security green
1987 Give yellow
1988 Big Bang Deficit green
1989 Global Warming yellow/orange
1990 War Toys fluor. pink
1991 [Wedding Thankyou Notes] fluor. red/pink
1992 Love fluor. pink
1993 Moving fluor. green
1994 Curse of the drbobmobile white [mistake]
1995 Mouse fluor. lime yellow
1996 Family values blue
1997 Pigs salmon
1998 Oops rocket red
1999 Y2K goldenrod
2000 Campaign 2000 goldenrod
2001 no fly fluor. green
2002 surveillance yellow
2003 bad santa lava
2004 low carb christmas blue
2005 evolution yellow
2006 truth lavender
2007 on trial ultra lemon
2008 together? ivory
2009 Italian TV orchid
2010 ScroogeMcDuck lime green
2011 Occupy canary yellow
2012 Bad Santa, Worse Santa electric fuschia
2013 SantaCare lavender
2014 unwanted visitors? canary yellow
2015 refugees ivory 
2016 the return of bad santa canary yellow
2017 fake news? lemon yellow
2018 caravan goldenrod
2019 impeached? untra lemon
2020 masks untra yellow
2021 "o" ivory
2022 heat electric fuschia
2023 Gaza ---


All cards are designed for double-sided USA size paper [8.5x11inch] photocopies, folded in a "Z-fold" into thirds, with the top third folded over the lower two thirds so that when the card is closed, one sees first the opening salvo (the top third of the first side), then opens the card to see the lower two thirds of the first page. [The web versions don't print out page by page because of margins, screen-versus-paper graphic resolution conflicts, etc., while PDF versions are for USA paper letter size dimensions: 8.5"x11".]


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