dr bob business cards

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Donald Knuth's TeX typesetting plus Avery 3 column 10 label per column address label paper really made the dr bob enterprises annual christmas card possible. Eventually dr bob found a Rome Metro Linea A subway stop business card making machine and the idea of dr bob business cards popped into his mind. For a few thousand Lira, then a few Euros after the switch, it would spit out 30 cards after a tedious keyboard input of all the data, enough to last till the next summer visit usually. Until eventually dr bob enterprises finally bought a printer after 10 years of printerless home computing, and then after the upgrade of the subway machines did not seem to have the same style as the original plan, the personally produced card came into being, using bob's only officially published sketch typical of the dr bob style and characteristic dish.



Unfortunately the auto thumbnailing reduces the already thin lines of the sketch to poor quality on the business card 2.0. If only we knew the right expert who could improve the lines!

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