(simple) soft touch cheesecake






  1. The illustration for this came from several hard stares at a stuffed hippo in a store in Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston to fix the image for a later sketch which bob revealed to an adult education cartoon class instructor who was working on a book on greeting card products. It found a place in it, bob's first official published sketch if you discount the high school yearbook drawings (class of 1970). Designing Greeting Cards and Paper Products: A Complete Guide, by Ron Lister, ISBN: 0-13-201880-2, Prentice Hall, p.154. This was the time that Sandra Boynton had just revolutionized the greeting card industry with her hippos and other whimsical creatures that climbed from nowhere into a major subindustry. A fact that was not lost on bob. Who, however, continued on in physics anyway.
  2. 2019 sees a newer version of this classic, just doing the classic hazelnut cheesecake base with the Frangelico switched out to a strawberry cream liqueur, but using the fresh strawberry topping from the original dr bob foray into the cheesecake business. Photo documented in exhausting detail here.
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