the classic dr bob cheesecake pan tiramisu. note the coffee penetration of the ladyfingers in this version.

tiramisp.jpg (46257 bytes)

another version, different chocolate.

tiramisu00.jpg (132229 bytes)

again with the new digital camera in 2002

tms2002a.jpg (92577 bytes)

and the closeup

tms2002b.jpg (102622 bytes)

looks like this one had poor coffee penetration in the ladyfingers, but it tasted good just the same.

dr bob cooking school shots

tms1.jpg (30924 bytes)

killing the salmonella. zabaione phase.

tms2.jpg (30662 bytes)

assembly phase.

tms3.jpg (31621 bytes)

looks like we made a little extra.

tms5.jpg (17451 bytes)

finished product, minus the serving time topping finisher.

tms4.jpg (33716 bytes)

oops, did that nose get into the bowl?

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