what, pasta sauce?

Pasta. After desserts this is our biggest weakness. So we've got lots of pasta books. In English, in Italian, well photographed and not photographed. There must be many thousands of recipes in them, so why don't we ever follow them?

1) Laziness.

2) It's too simple to throw together a few things on hand.

Now is the perfect time to make the point of just what the dr bob cooking team is. Faking it. Let's face it. We never had much of a cooking tradition and usually are cooking to survive. It doesn't have to be 4 star cuisine to be good. Just sort of tasty and nutritious and above all easy. That's the ticket. So what if in our experimentation we strike out once in a while. No guests, no grief.

Of course sometimes we do follow pasta recipes. These is no point in us ripping off the better recipes from the best books. Read them yourselves. The classic pasta sauces "alla vodka" or "arrabbiata" ("angry" = hot) should not be missed. Marcella's bible should remain in print for some time as a good place to start.

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