why pumpkin pie? (cheesecake!)






  1. This was bob's first encounter with hazelnuts. In liquid form. By coincidence one of his sister-in-laws stumbled upon this recipe at the same time as bob, maybe Bon Appetit, and somehow made it and shipped bob a piece by mail crossing paths with a copy of the recipe sent to her by bob without each other realizing the other's simultaneous activities. Wierd.
  2. Well, a google search on "pumpkin cheesecake frangelico" turns up the exact recipe in a motherload of cheesecake recipes but with no citation of the original source. Another hobby site like this one. Just for fun, not making any money. And again at a booze site, no citation. And again at a Jewish cheesecake site, no citation. Funny how these things get around in the public domain.
  3. This was an annual fall favorite until his then newly acquired in-laws made it known they liked plain old pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Oh well.
  4. Apparently there was some inertia in dr bob's postdoc mentality as he embarked on his career as a professor. Looking back from later affluence, it is a bit strange to think of having worried about the price tag on an unpretentious bottle of alcohol.

update 2008

  1. The original Frangelico pumpkin cheesecake recipe website links are all history, but now we have google and a self-updating search list. We revisited this after more than a decade and in a new century, after which the 5 eggs seemed a bit excessive, but we decided to replicate the recipe exactly, including the advice about ignoring the jiggling center. A mistake: let it bake at least an hour and stick a toothpick in the problematic region to test it out for doneness. And bob did not actually read all the details and skipped the freezer step for the crust, which might have reduced the carmelization of the outer crust ring during the baking process. Make sure the outer edge is not thicker than the central region, since this seems to contribute to the toughening up of this vulnerable part of the crust, a slight problem when trying to cut serving slices.

update 2012

  1. We don't make this anymore, no demand from the family, but we can dream. Here is a dream trigger: CBS Sunday Morning pumpkin-hazelnut cheesecake recipe. From Cooking light, with a little boost from their dessert specialist. Oops, its from this months magazine which is sitting in the pile, bob never got a chance to browse.
  2. Illustrations available.
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