limoncello tiramisu (or even guavaberry-lingonberry)

on the mother-in-law's stovetop and plate, poor lighting too

not a special effect this lemon lighting, just bad lighting again in a different room.

After two executions of this limoncello version, we moved on to the guavaberry-lingonberry version.

Someday we have to figure out this lighting problem so our food is in focus.

The guests seemed to go for this, especially a few who kept shaving off more pieces even after a double lasagna dinner. Even ani who is dessert challenged liked it. If only our supply of guavaberry liqueur were not on its last legs! Here is a later rendition with some lingonberries under the second layer too.

Finally we got a better photo of a slice.

Still the lighting is off. It is really a warm pink. Here is another camera shot:

tiramisulmcloi.htm: 29-jan-2012 [what, ME cook? 1984 dr bob enterprises]