big pan tiramisu

A nephew's first communion lunch catered by the family at the local Armenian Catholic church led to a request for tiramisu for a crowd. bob and ani delivered. Here it is step by step. We doubled the usual recipe. The only choice to make was the liqueur. This time we finished off our last bottle of chocolate chip cookie cream liqueur (no longer available in our state, too bad, it was swell).

The  zabaione starts the process.


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First some Armenian food to get primed for dessert.

Freshly grated chocolate on site.

and the serving phase.

The last lonely pieces. Well received by the targeted feeders.

2020 Update.
Twelve years later for the 21st birthday of this nephew, his request for cake was tiramisu, so we did a 1.5x slightly bigger pan version with 20 ladyfingers in each layer. Just a normal dry Marsala abaione base.

Yummy as ever!

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