Limoncello is a favorite dr bob dessert flavoring and a favorite after dinner drink of ms_ani. bob picked up his first bottle in Ischia and for a long time did not know what to do with it. Eventually other Americans discovered this popular Italian product, but not before bob figured out that it could be used to flavor cheesecakes, and later gelato. The heart of limoncello country is the lemon producing area centered on the Amalfi coast of Italy.

Finally bob and ani made it to Amalfi

and nearby Positano too

where they discovered monster lemons

They find other culinary uses of lemon there as well. Here is some delicious tagliolini al limone at a Capri restaurant

Apparently since only the lemon rind goes into limoncello, there is a big advantage to producing the monster lemons, even if the fruity interior may not be as tasty as a normal sized lemon like the one used for this pasta.

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