bob's converted Lindy's strawberry cheesecake






  1. This came from modifying a recipe from an article "Cheesecake: A Baker's Dozen of the Very Best" by Jack Hanle in Bon Appetit, February, 1978 (p.35), for use in Italy by Italian friends. Mere wishful thinking. Several cheesecakes from this source were tested by the dr bob team and should certainly be revisited decades later when this project seems to be finally coming together. 1978 was the year Bon Appetit entered bob's life through a friend in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She had a sub. What was her name...?
  2. Vague memories remain of trying to use a scientific thermometer to regulate oven temperature since oven thermometers did not seem to be on the market in Rome at the time. See the side notes for Italians.
  3. This was originally done in Italy on longer A4 paper which for decades was cut off at the bottom in the US 8.5x11 inch photocopy editions, now extended to a second page with the magic of technology.
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