cauli-truffle pasta

So this trustworthy family owned megasupermarket chain recipe pushed three buttons for dr bob, the cavatappi pasta they used, the super greens, and the truffle additive, a magic ingredient that we have been regularly importing from Italy every summer for eons. We found the cavatappi as Bionaturae whole wheat gobbetti (Italians can never agree on their pasta shape names) at Wegman's (also at Whole Foods). The back truffle spread is our "salsa tartufata", a mix of mushrooms and black truffles that reduces the price to something more reasonable for those of us who need to watch our budget.

This is super easy, basically combine all the sauce ingredients in a nonstick pot over low heat until the greens wilt, but we added a little garlic saute to start based on our previous tartufo experience, and of course could not resist adding a large pile of freshly grated parmigiano and extra at the table. Ms_ani was a bit indifferent about this but bob gives the green light, as usual he started with a megaportion and then went for seconds. A nice variation on the usual truffle pasta routine we are in the habit of executing. Eat with a nice salad.


1 lb cavatappi corkscrew pasta
extra virgin olive oil
 2-3 cloves pressed garlic to taste
8-12 oz cauliflower puree (Wegman's)
5-10 oz super greens
1/2 4.6 oz jar black truffle spread (Wegman's)
1/2 c freshly grated parmigiano plus at the table


  1.  Do the pasta boiling thing following the suggested timing on the package.
  2. Meanwhile, saute the garlic in olive oil, then add and heat up the cauliflower puree on low heat, then throw in the super greens and wilt them down.
  3. Add the truffle spread at the end and stir in.
  4. Drain the pasta and combine with the sauce and cheese. Season with freshly grated black pepprer optionally.


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  4. Illustrations available.
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