beet etc farro salad

bob likes farro but you have to cook it first. Ani is often impatient, so our farro intake has suffered lately. Farro is a healthier grain. It also cuts down pasta consumption which involves more less complicated carbs (usually), which affect weight control (Ani). bob likes to eat healthy, since he is more advanced in age than Ani and facing up to his own mortality. Quality of life at the end is also a factor of nutrition habits along the way.

So this time we agree to try a farro salad. With beets, because we have a bunch of precooked beet shrink-wrapped packages in the fridge from Costco. Beets are healthy too. But more stuff has to be added to make it interesting. A little negotiating goes on to agree on the game plan. Obvious, the feta cheese in the fridge compliments the beets. Chopped grape tomatoes. Chopped dark olives, pitted, also from Costco. Then Ani decides to saute veggies for the salad "dressing". A small onion for the base, some chopped baby pepperoni for color to add to the tomatoes, a touch of red pepper flakes to add the BAM factor (thanks, Emiril). And an avocado (chopped) at the end, more color, and we love avocados. Yes, we can do this, but admittedly bob has low expectations for the result. Surely it will be edible and adequate, BUT in fact we are both surprised at how delicious this wierd combination of stuff is. We chow down the entire pot leaving no left overs. Let us know what you think.


3/4 - 1 c farro
1 small package recipe ready beets
3/4 c feta cheese, in small cubes
1 avocado
2 T extra virgin olive oil
1/2 onion, chopped
3/4 c chopped grape (or other) tomatoes, halved?
2 orange or red baby bell peppers, chopped
1/2 c dark olives, pitted and chopped
salt and pepper to taste


  1. Cook the farro according to the directions. The less processed the farro, the longer it takes to boil.
  2. Prep all the veggies.
  3. Start by sauteing the onion in olive oil.
  4. Once softened, toss in the chopped peppers, and soften them up too, then the grape tomatoes
  5. Season with a bit of red pepper flakes (not too much!) and salt.
  6. Toss in the beets to warm them slightly.
  7. Drain and let the farro cool a bit, to your taste. Possibly drizzle with a little olive oil to taste.
  8. When ready to assemble the final dish, mix in the veggie mixture, adjust for salt and pepper.
  9. Then toss in the feta and avocado and gently incorporate.
  10. Serve.
  11. If doing ahead, reserve the avocado and feta step until before the meal.


  1. Farro is an ancient grain carried as rations by Roman soldiers during the Empire days. We have a close relative called spelt here.
  2. Illustrations available.
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