dr bob cd or flash drive user manual

If you have the drbobenterprises.com CD or USB Flash Drive (at some point CDs became old technology), you may access the "What, ME Cook?" Book and other dr bob goodies from the homepage file index.htm with your choice of web browser. The web based cookbook homepage is recipes/contents.htm while the searchable (and printable) Adobe Acrobat formatted PDF document file whatmecook.pdf contains the entire cookbook contents apart from the photo section which is more perhaps appropriately viewed directly in web format. In the early days most of the photos and part 1 graphics files were not present on the web server site available to the outside world but eventually bob divorced himself from his free use of an academic web server and paid the money for a website provider Easy DNS, a reliable Canadian company which had managed his web forwarding since late last century.

All links to other websites only work if you are connected to the internet.

Most of the graphics files are in .jpg format (any browser will open these) or .pdf format (the free Adobe Acrobat Reader will open these). Part 1 handwritten recipes are reproduced in .pdf format.

The sketchbook folder art work initially was saved on the CD as a folder of windows bitmapped .bmp files directly from the scanner (in the folder /bmp, no longer included in the CD due to space limitations). These files are unnecessarily large (the analog of the original negative for a photo) and were converted to smaller .jpg files. These are opened by the browser helper application which comes from the windows default file association unless changed. Windows Paint (from Start Menu, Programs, Accessories) or any graphics software that is available will open the .bmp files. Compare the two versions of one sketch:

Removing the filename of any file from the address window of your browser by editing it, and then hitting Enter, will give you a directory listing of all the files in that folder, as in: recipes. However, local access to folders of photos or graphics sketch files have the big advantage that you see directly a whole screen of thumbnails to browse the entire folder directly.

The first dr bob CD was created in June 2002 to accompany the 2002 edition of the "What, Me Cook?" Book. If you are one of the lucky few, you may have a primitive Stick-On personally dedicated CD label on your very own copy of this CD.

Soon after, Windows XP arrived on the scene with thumbnail (or filmstrip) views for My Computer / Windows Explorer folder file listings, so the recipe images folder of photos and the sketchbook folder of artwork image files can be directly browsed and viewed with the Windows Fax and Image Viewer by double-clicking on any image from the folder file listing, after which one can return to browsing by closing the window or one can continue with a slideshow moving forward or backward through the listing. If your file association for .jpg files has instead been captured by some marginally useful graphics editing program that you hardly or never use, right clicking on any .jpg image file in Windows Explorer and selecting properties will allow you to change the "Opens with" choice back to Windows Fax and Image Viewer. This also has an automatic slideshow feature.

The first PDF edition of the "What, ME Cook?" Book, fully searchable on any string (useful for finding recipes with given ingredients), was the result of a 2.5 year project of proofing and printing to PDF format of each of the HTML files of the continuously growing collection and was completed on Labor Day, September, 2006. See editions for more details.

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